Eternal Darkness (MTRP)

It’s the last Thursday of the month, do you know what that means?MY TERRIBLE ROMANCE PACT with Joni If you already forgot what this means, well let us tell you: “us” being Taylor but Joni is fully in approval of the things I say here, don’t question it and maybe don’t tell her. Every month

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The Art of Author

More times than not, I get asked for book suggestions. This is the hardest thing for me to do and I generally keep the selections simple. So much so, I think people may not fully grasp what I read. Sometimes I truly believe my friends and others think I only read one type of book.

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Book Count!

Trying something new here – for those of you that do not follow me on GoodReads (that’s a link, you can click it 🙂 ), that’s totally ok! As of January 1, 2019 I set up my GoodReads Reading Challenge at a whopping 100 Books! Now some of you may know that I started last year

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Taking the Stairs

I used to be good at something, or at least I think I was. Everyone has to be good at something at some point or another in their life, and I used to always be good at one thing. Taking the stairs. I remember one time reading an article – or watching some YouTube video

My Chocolate Cake

My last romance pact post was an interesting one. It was an out there concept, a type of genre I never imagined that existed, didn’t know I would like so much and hell, never imagined myself reading with such enthusiasm. I am talking about Reverse Harems! At the time, I had been shoveling it in

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The February Book Parade

New month, so many books to read. I am anything but idle when I read – or well, that would seem to be an accurate statement (i.e 2018 Read Total: 249 books). A parade seems to be an even more accurate explanation for how I read, only it loops on and on. February has a

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