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Trying something new here – for those of you that do not follow me on GoodReads (that’s a link, you can click it 🙂 ), that’s totally ok! As of January 1, 2019 I set up my GoodReads Reading Challenge at a whopping 100 Books! Now some of you may know that I started last year the same way and by April increased it to 200 but as explained in my January blog – finishing at 249 and the reading consumption in 2018 became kind of mythical. In a way, I wondered if I really even enjoyed the books I read or just picked them out of some necessity to beat a number.

I would really like this year’s book consumption to be something I enjoy and less of a task. BUT I STILL WANT TO HAVE FUN! So, if you don’t follow me on GoodReads (not a link, no clicky), that’s ok. If you follow my personal IG, first thank you – and don’t be weird – and second, I will be keeping a book tally of the how many books out of 100 I have finished. It will constantly change. Now! For you blog folk that don’t need no social media or GoodReads (still not a link), every month about the middle of the month I will post my CURRENT reading number and the rolling list of books read. You know, in case you want to support these authors too! (do it). The blog won’t be as long moving forward but I had to give you the background first.

The books:
1. Sin & Magic (Demigod of San Francisco #2) by K.F Breene
2. Hunted by Shadows (Shadowborn Series Book #1) by Erin O’Kane
3. Touch of Regret (The Collectors #1) by Autumn Reed
4. Maiming (To Tame a Shifter #3) by A.K Koonce
5. The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air #2) by Holly Black
6. Gypsy Freak (All the Pretty Monsters #2) by Kristy Cunning
7. Academy of Assassins (Academy of Assassins #1) by Stacey Brutger
8. No Claim (The Alpha Brothers #2) by G. Bailey
9. Dark Reign (The Vampire’s Mark #1) by Rachel Jonas
10. Runes of Truth (A Demon’s Fall #1) by G. Bailey
11. Runes of Mortality (A Demon’s Fall #2) by G. Bailey
12. Runes of Black Magic (A Demon’s Fall #3) by G. Bailey
13. Eternal Soul (The Forsaken Gods #1) by Coralee June and G. Bailey
14. Frostbound Throne: Song of Night (Court of Sin #1) by May Sage
15. Frostbound Throne: Song of Winter (Court of Sin #2) by May Sage
16. Knightfall by Ann Denton
17. Magical Murder (Lyon Fox Mysteries #1) by Ann Denton
18. Pack’s Queen (Wolves of Crimson Hollow #3) by M.H. Soars
19. Awakened and Betrayed (The Lost Sentinel #2) by Ivy Asher
20. Hereditary (Beatrice Harrow #1) by Jane Washington
21. The Soulstoy Inheritance (Beatrice Harrow #2) by Jane Washington
22. To Make Monsters Out of Girls (Things that Haunt #1) by Amanda Lovelace
23. Variant Lost (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy #1) by Kaydence Snow
24. Heart of the Assassins (Academy of Assassins #2) by Stacy Brutger
25. Eternal Soul (The Forsaken Gods #1) by G Bailey and Coralee June
26. Eternal Darkness by Stacy Reid * Pact Book – See Pact Update 2/28/2019
27. Gypsy Origins (All the Pretty Monsters #3) by Kristy Cunning
28. Grey Witch and Halloween Magic by Cece Rose
29. Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch #1) by Cece Rose
30. White Charms and Dark Secrets (Grey Witch #2) by Cece Rose
31. Pierced (Lucian & Lia #1) by Sydney Landon
32. The Guardian (The Faerie Wars #1) by Quinn Arthurs
33. An Assassin’s Death (The Huntress #1) by AK Koonce & Harper Wylde
34. An Assassin’s Deception (The Huntress #2) by AK Koonce & Harper Wylde
35. Fractured (Lucian & Lia #2) by Sydney Landon
36. Mended (Lucian & Lia #3) by Sydney Landon
37. A Night of Redemption (The Redemption Saga #5) by Kristen Banet
38. Darkness Rising (The Severed Souls #1) by AK Koonce
39. Darkness Consuming (The Severed Souls #2) by AK Koonce
40. Darkness Colliding (The Severed Souls #3) by AK Koonce
41. Voodoo Knights (Black Magic Harem #1) by Amanda Rose
42. Runes of Royalty (A Demon’s Fall #3) by G Bailey
43. Maiming (To Tame a Shifter #3) by AK Koonce

Holy crap – ok, let’s see how many I add next month!

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