Books is Hard, Man

Really, it should be no surprise that I am attempting to write a book. I feel like I have said this for more than a year – and it’s not really a “feeling,” I know I have. But writing, my friends, is hard. Books are hard.

Everyone has a story to tell, it’s just a matter of – can you string those lines together? I read a lot of my favorite authors on Twitter and enjoy their optimism. Sometimes they give motivational nuggets that I sometimes pretend are their own internal voices, reminding themselves inwardly and thus, outwardly about things that you need to keep in mind about writing. I retweet it or reaction to them so that I can remember them when I am having a hard time putting my strings together.

Some authors are planners. They plot build, they have journals and they have outlines. And I am not a very good planner. My stories never really fall in line – I learned there was a style that reflected that. I open pages of pages of documents and when the conversation with my characters starts to develop out of loop, I write them on a clean page. It makes easier to stay on the topic at hand but also feed that need to get something they want to get out, out. The important part of it is finding its space in the story.

Now I have – a lot of stories. Currently I have four working storylines. A general idea of most of where they each are going and contributed at least 50,000 words to two of them – just not linear words. I am not yet ready to divulge what they are but hopefully, and occasionally, I’ll keep you in the loop of what I’m working on. Hopefully I can give you some pieces, maybe some plot points…but for right now, just know that writing is something I am definitely working on this year with the best hope of sharing those stories.

Are you writing something? Want to talk about it? Let’s do it!

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