Eternal Darkness (MTRP)

It’s the last Thursday of the month, do you know what that means?

If you already forgot what this means, well let us tell you: “us” being Taylor but Joni is fully in approval of the things I say here, don’t question it and maybe don’t tell her. Every month either Joni and I will switch off who chooses our Romance book reading for the month. Then we will sit down and talk about it. This month was Joni’s choice and spoiler, she was terribly disappointed in her own choice and now fully embraces the WWTR (a phrase she coined by the way) – What Would Taylor Read. Ok, Now that we’re off but on topic, let’s talk about this book.

We read the first book in an anthology – Eternal Darkness by Stacey Reid. The story follows Princess Saieke who has been placed in an arrange political marriage to a crazed King Ajali. It begins in the last days before she is to be married, when an early march on her Kingdom by her to-be husband spurs her to run to Earth with her two guards in an attempt her attempt to lose her virginity and resolve the marriage. On her way, she is caught in Darkage by a neighboring enemy and is saved by Drac, the general of King Gidon. She turns her seductions to Drac but in the end finds he is so much more than an means to an end.

So what did we give it?! Joni gave it a 2.5 and I gave it a 2 – so that made it about a 2.25:

“Ok, Joni – give me your pros and cons!”
Joni: “I liked the plot – this one girl runs away from an arranged marriage and is lost in Darkage where she falls in love with the guy and they do the sex.”
I think we laughed heavily about the “do the sex” part so I knew I had to include it. Anyway…
Joni: “I hated the dialogue. The writer is known for her historical fiction writing. Also, like the whole she’s a virgin but can have rough sex.”
Taylor: “I didn’t know she wrote historical fiction, but yeah – she’s a virgin and then magically is all about that rough stuff. The pros for me were [the Darkage people] have tattoos of their beasts. It’s a cool concept for shifter/fae kind of thing. Also, I love his nonchalance in the beginning when she’s in the woods and he’s like ‘ah, I think I’ll watch her die.'” Joni was laughing at this point. “You know I like when they’re just that evil but that’s also my con. His nonchalance does not last through the storyline and there was too much mental dialogue the author didn’t write out. It was the attempt to do the whole he’s so dark but this one girl can fix him – no, I hate that. I also don’t like it’s an anthology which doesn’t include a story around King Gidon who I was more interested in.”
We both agreed that the closest mirror to this story was Maas’ Court Series. Where Rhys is sassy with his darkness, Drac was just “dark” to be a dark character. Blegh…

“How would you change the story?”
Joni: “I wish it was more of a slow burn, it just felt like there was insta-love -” which she is starting to dislike and has found recently she’s definitely a slow burn type “also, [giving them] more personality. They just appeared too two dimensional and flat.”
Taylor: “I’d agree and maybe not base everything around her virginity. Seike believed that her magical vagina will not die or be punished by turning her back on the arranged marriage because her Kingdom has this healing elixir.” Trust me there was a lot of faith on this damn elixir being far more important than her happiness AND her indiscretion.

And finally – “Would you read more of the series?”
Joni: “Probably not, my TBR is too long. If I didn’t have so many books to read, then sure.”
Taylor: “Nope, unless there is one about the king then maybe…”

Our conversation then devolved…in a good way. This was pretty fun. We always like reading the same book, we can suffer – I mean – enjoy it together. For March, it’s MY turn to choose and I think this is a good place to start – can only go up from here! I think I may make Joni suffer, I mean enjoy, a contemporary new adult romance. We will see if I can keep living up to WWTR.

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