March Book Binge

It’s MARCH! Time to talk about what books I have planned for this month. Surprisingly, not a lot on my mind in pre-planned reading but that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes you find your best reading when you are not trying to schedule out stuff. But I fully expect a binge. I put in some PTO at work and I fully plan on taking advantage of stay-cation reading.

Recap of last month:
I had two books I fully planned on finishing: King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo and Love and Lead – the final book in The Bullets RH Series by Coralee June. Successfully finished both and loved both. A little sad to say bye to the Bullets and Sunshine but she has another series I have been amped for so I can’t say I am totally without. And King of Scars? Though I technically cheated and started it in January, it was ugh…just so wonderfully exciting. I like what Leigh has laid down and I am more excited to see where she goes from here. So what is on the agenda for this March?

Diary of an Oxygen Thief
June 2016

Bought this book in February while on a trip to TARGET (mumbling – I fucking love Target)! It is dark and devastating which I bet excites our author just a bit 😉 . It is essential to the person I worry I might be sometimes and that’s why I am reading it so painfully slow that I have no doubt when I finish it this month, my soul will be satiated. I’d give you a synopsis but – suspense is more fun.

I have three pre-orders on coming out on Kindle this month, they somehow magically are spaced out about a week apart. They are:
1) Variant Found by Kaydence Snow
2) Grey Magic and Forbidden Love by Cece Rose
3) Vampire’s Mark: The Hell Storm by Rachel Jonas
All three are different types of Supes so I am pretty pleased there will be variations. Vampires, Demons, Witches, Mutants, Werewolves/shifter…hey! I am a girl with normal lusty intentions. I won’t even pretend on that. There have been suggestions given to me recently to checkout but none I want to commit to my March TBR just yet – maybe I will do an update mid-month?

Lastly, it’s my month to pick Joni and I’s My Terrible Romance Pact book. She was not overtly thrilled with her choice last month so it’s a lot of pressure to revive her in the Romance/Contemporary genre because as I always tell her – “terrible doesn’t actually mean bad.” We’ll figure it out, we’ve only been doing this a year, ha!

So – if anyone has some suggestions, wants to join me a book or two, let me know. You know how to reach me – comments, social media, etc. Can’t wait to see how these all pan out! Fly those TBR Flags high my friends because for every one you read on your list, you will add at least eight more. It’s just science at this point.

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