The February Book Parade

New month, so many books to read. I am anything but idle when I read – or well, that would seem to be an accurate statement (i.e 2018 Read Total: 249 books). A parade seems to be an even more accurate explanation for how I read, only it loops on and on. February has a few books that I am looking FORWARD to devouring. Some old, some new…

Photo by Joni (my girl!)

King of Scars
By Leigh Bardugo
Published January 29, 2019

This one is kind of a cheat! I started it in January, on the day it released but technically I am finishing it in February (yesterday, in fact – SEE I CHEATED!) and because I didn’t start this in February – and I can’t deny one of my most favorite literary gentlemen of all time, Nikolai – I had to mention it here. There isn’t much left to say. After reading Shadow and Bone series and meeting Nikolai (Sturmhond or Two Clever Fox for those of us those in the know), I knew I’d never love another man…and I really haven’t at all. Having a book to turn to – a duology! no less – has sent my heart aflutter ever since Leigh announced it.

Love and Lead
By Coralee June
Published February 2019

Ah, Reverse Harems…I have been in love with this one for a while. It’s not necessarily my creme-de-la-creme of RHs but it definitely is one I look forward seeing how it ends. Love and Lead is the ending of a three book series called The Bullets. A girl who ran away in high school from not just her dad’s dirty little secret but her best friends and neighbors, The Bullets – a group of misfits brought together by the foster system. Years later she is found and they’re not letting her get away – in all aspects of her life. The series has been haunting and tough. It is, for lack of a nicer term, a mindfuck. It’s beautiful in its normality story telling and in its emotional torment. To be honest, this has been one of the few reads that I felt truly understood – and if you read it, take that as it is.

Here’s a few Honorable Mentions:
1) Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
2) The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie
3) My Terrible Romance Pact book (Can’t ruin the surprise!) Picked by Joni this month

So my February is looking a bit satisfying – in a lot of different ways. Meeting again and learning more about a beloved literary book boyfriend and ending a series that hits all my emotional spots. Of course, these are not the ONLY books I will be reading! But they’re the ones I look the most forward to releasing or having TBR’d (To Be Read) so long that I am finally able to read or finish them.

I will give you a little update next month – so keep a look out!

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