The Pact

The Contributors:

Taylor                             Joni

A deal is a deal – one fateful afternoon in January, I suggested a pact with Joni that reading one of those cheesy covered and overtly sexually named romance novels a month would be hilarious.  Thankfully, she vehemently agreed.

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The Rules*

  1. Required: One Book a Month – but you can read more (cause hell, I will)
  2. Must be a “Deal” Book – nothing over $3 unless you just feel that impassioned about it (ha!)
  3. If it gets really weird or confusing – DNF
  4. No weird baby covers (see #3)

*Rules can change

The Rating System – The Romance Cover Dream Boats (aka The DBs)

  • 5 DBs – “I said Terrible Romance, not so amazingly bad – it’s good”
  • 4 DBs – The Sex saved it, “she moaned”
  • 3 DBs – Coyote Ugly; enjoyed it but was also drunk (possibly) and woke up willing to remove my limb to get away from it
  • 2 DBs – The Wind Tunnel Trapped Damsel’s Hair Wasn’t Worth the Hair Flip (but his bulge was impressive)
  • 1 DB – Mmm, no.


Want to guest spot?  That works!  All requests will be vetted for actual interest, timeline must be made to make the assigned post date, and keep it positive – no trashing the writer.  Not all those interested will get a guest spot on the blog but I can work something out with the Insta or the Tweet. 🙂