The Romance Pact

It has been months since I posted Joni and I’s My Terrible Romance Pact – something I’ve dubbed “The Pact.” And a lot of that was on me – Taylor – and a lot of it was Joni accepting that whatever break I needed was fine with her. The thing about The Pact was that it was always meant to be fun and funny and towards September, it was a task to finish and not so fun anymore.

To be honest, I have learned about a lot of talented people who write and a lot of books are overlooked because of the content we label purely as “Romance.” Some of the top purchased digital downloads are the $1.99 Paranormal Romance novels. Why? Because not everyone wants a life-shattering or put-it-on-its-head reading experience. Those things are beautiful – their beauty amplified by their singular nature. But sometimes, you just need a good girl meets boy, they fall in love, something stands in their way, they overcome and they choose each other above all else. You go to work all day, you have a life to lead, and you just want to come home and pick something up that you know will have a problem and solve that problem within 300 pages or less. Romance novels offer just that and around the time I suggested My Terrible Romance Pact to Joni, I just wanted filler books while I waited for my complex, singular, life-shattering novels that seem to be written in threes and fours (or fives and six – I see you Maas) to release.

So what does this mean for the 2019 version of The Pact? Well, Joni and I had a little chat about it and since our first post happened in February 2018, we will be returning in February 2019. Last Thursday of the month release date and only ONE blog. That means – SHARED READING! Yup, month to month Joni and I will be switching off who chooses the book for the month, we will read it and then sit down at our favorite coffee place (Shout out to Queen City Grounds!) and have an open conversation about it that I will put a blog together for each month.

Joni and I think this will be efficient and exciting. We read a lot of the same books – if not ALL of the same books – and we spend a lot of time texting, talking at Silks, FaceTime-ing, and smoke signaling our thoughts. We are hoping this will eliminate the stress of finding our own book but also test our reading friendship on who really does pick the worst of the worst Romance Novels (which has never happened to me). Hopefully this will be fun for all involved and I cannot wait.

I am also opening the door for people to send suggestions or join in the fun! The goal is the same:
1. Free to $3.99 books, unless you just find some gold up in the $6.99 section
2. One book a month, unless it’s a series you just can’t stop
3. If it gets weird, it’s too difficult to read or confusing – DNF
4. Lastly, no baby covers. Hey! We love babies, we just aren’t lookin’ for that story where within a year of their love a baby is had and it’s beautiful and there is crying at the end.
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